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Commercial Spaces Can Reflect Tech Culture

Here at Noble Harris, we thrive on finding the perfect commercial spaces for a variety of organisations, but tech companies are some of our favourites. We’ve compiled some key elements that digital businesses should consider:

Remember the Basics

From internet access to heating and cooling options, make sure you meet your foundational needs.

  • Internet: Make sure superior internet is available, and ideally, already installed. Check to see if fiber optic broadband is available in your desired area.
  • Mobile: Make sure your mobile provider has excellent reception throughout the building, not just in one spot.
  • AirCon: Server rooms and audio-visual equipment need to be in a cool, dry space with easy access, so don’t forget about the heating and cooling systems.
  • Lighting tech commercial spaces: You want to make sure your staff and employees don’t need to strain their eyes to do their work–natural light is ideal; fluorescents are not.

Tech office commercial spaces

Embrace the Company Culture

Look for a space that matches your company culture. Do you collaborate often, or do you need dedicated offices that allow for uninterrupted work?

  • Floor plans: Do you need a plan that’s open, closed, or flexible? Make sure the commercial space you choose either has the option to build out your ideal space the way you want it, or has a workable floor plan already in place.
  • Recreation: Do you want a gym/basketball court/football pitch/climbing wall on campus or in the building–or the ability to build one yourself?
  • Collaboration: Do you want walls painted in whiteboard paint or layered with perspex to work on agile software development?


Streamline Leasing and Purchasing Processes

When selecting commercial spaces many tech companies want flexible leasing or purchasing options.

  • Find a leasing/purchasing agent who will get you access to various lease terms.
  • Ensure that the process for lease renewal or disposal is easy. This will give you flexibility as you quickly grow or downsize
  • Find responsive management/landlords/leasing agents/purchasing agents. The faster you can fix a problem, the faster you can get back to work.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for an affordable space, or a multinational tech company looking to transform an entire borough, get in touch with Noble Harris the commercial property specialist for tech businesses in London.