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Lease Advice

Commercial Leasehold agreements differ significantly from residential leases and are not always subject to the same legal rules. The Noble Harris Partnership team will guide you through the complexities of leasehold property agreements and help ensure you have all the bases covered.

Understanding leasehold for commercial purposes

From thinking about the length of the lease, exploring renewal options to thinking about how you are going to use the physical office space and what changes you are allowed to make under the terms of the lease are just some of the considerations we explore with our clients. Whether you have you have some or little experience renting commercial or office space in London – Noble Harris can help you navigate the landscape.

Commercial rent review

Whilst the stability of a long lease can be attractive to commercial property tenants, rent increase can present a challenge when the lease is up for review. Having an expert on board who understands the rental review process and a proven track record is crucial to negotiating terms that fit with your budgets. In our day to day activities we are aware of local market values and we are able to use this information to support our clients. From understanding incentives to usage restrictions we can help by providing you with the right level of information to support your case.

We provide the right level of support

And when negotiations get difficult through no fault of your own, we can provide the right level of support to help you reach an agreement, to help minimize the length of the disagreement to save you time and money.

Noble Harris is particularly about the detail. When compiling a comprehensive argument to ensure that the best possible settlement is realised for ‘the client’. Comparable evidence, our expertise in lease analysis and vast experience of the commercial property market is central to producing consistently successful results in respect of Landlord & Tenant negotiations.

We boast an excellent track record in achieving highly successful settlements when dealing with matters which have been referred to a Third Party by way of Arbitration, Independent Expert or Court.

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