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Market Lessons from Pop-up Shops

At Noble Harris, our team of analysts are constantly monitoring market trends to provide the best commercial properties for our clients in the luxury retail and fashion sectors. For a number of years, we’ve been inspired by the concept of pop-up shops as a response to a changing market, and as a way for well-established brands to expand their reach.

In 2012, pop-up shops proliferated in the UK retail scene to fill empty shops after the 2008 recession. These shops had a vast impact on this sector and effectively created a new opportunity for small entrepreneurs and big brands alike. All types of establishments started catching on to the high street trend because it allowed them to produce specific marketing events aimed at new clients and promote larger branding campaigns to launch new products.

retail pop ups Noble Harris fashion property clients Ted Baker Plc and Matthew Williamson have used pop-up shops as a way to leave a lasting impression on customers, driving them to share their experience with their friends, and become repeat buyers, both at their brick and mortar stores and online. They have learnt that pop-ups have presented retailers with an opportunity to attract both new and existing customers. They offer versatility and flexibility in running a business– temporarily leasing shop-fronts is an effective way to test the market or create a buzz.

Pop-ups also bridge the gap between online transactions and human interaction. This is especially important for online retailers whose potential customers don’t have the advantage of being able to touch products to get a sense of how they actually look and feel in the physical world.

In addition to allowing customers to experience physical products, pop-ups provide huge opportunities for social media and marketing channels. They can create excitement and adventure by disclosing when and where pop-up shops will be open for business. They also create a sense of urgency. Because pop-up products are typically “here today, gone tomorrow”, people don’t want to miss out on the unique pop-up retail experience.

Pop-up retail has created an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start businesses, for big brands to reach out to their new and existing customers, and for online retailers to create a physical presence. It’s an ideal way to give potential customers a unique brand experience and to test out new products before they go mainstream.

For clients who have used pop-ups to test the waters, and now wish to establish a more permanent presence, Noble Harris can help. We have the expertise to identify and secure suitable long term commercial properties in key locations throughout London and the Home Counties.