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Matthew Noble


Matthew heads up our Agency Division which specialises in advising Landlords and Occupiers in all aspects of commercial property negotiation.

Specialising in central London offices Matthew has built up a wide range of long standing, Landlord and Occupier clients over 4 decades of operating in this exciting and ever changing market.

Notable transactions conducted and overseen by Matthew include the acquisitions of over 180,000 sq ft for The Net-a-Porter Group in Westfield and White City, 40,000 sq ft HQ for Moonpig.com PhotoBox Group and the disposal of 90,000 sq ft at 1, Alie Street, Aldgate.

DIRECT LINE 020 7291 6142
MOBILE 079 8099 1214

Jake Doffman

Leasing & Investments

Jake joined Noble Harris in July 2014, specialising in commercial property lettings and sales across London, acting on behalf of well known occupiers and landlords. Jake also assists Matthew & Tony with Asset Management.

Since joining Noble Harris, Jake has acted on behalf of a number of well established companies which include Cult Beauty, MintTwist, Reprieve, Peak and many more.

Other recent disposals include over 70,000 sq ft lettings at 1 Alie Street and 18 Mansell Street.

In his spare time Jake enjoys running, playing golf and watching Spurs.

DIRECT LINE 020 7291 6144
MOBILE 079 0408 2118

Carl Dobrin

Leasing & Investments

Carl has been a member of the Noble Harris team since 2017, specialising in commercial property sales and lettings across London, acting on behalf of multiple Landlord and Occupier clients.

Providing bespoke advice in all commercial property matters from leasehold acquisition, disposal & renewals to rent reviews, purchasing, sales & asset management.

Carl enjoys being the lynchpin that ensures each and every project progresses with momentum, aligning the many moving parts with the goal of achieving client aspirations with great care.

DIRECT LINE 020 7291 6141
MOBILE 07545 077959

Emma Coop


Emma started working at Noble Harris in 2002.

Emma works as a Personal Assistant supporting the Commercial Agency team.

Gayle Medley

Personal Assistant

Gayle has been part of the Noble Harris team since 2015, Gayle is an integral part of the team who provides research, support and office management.